Society of Oxford University Engineers

The alumni society for Oxford engineering graduates

Jenkin Building from Banbury Road

Jenkin Lecturers

1988 Dr Alastair Howatson
A Century of Oxford Engineering
1989Brian Cook (Shell UK Expro)
Offshore Engineering
1990Professor Peter Wroth
Down to Earth at Oxford
1991Hugh Norie (Mott MacDonald)
The Channel Tunnel: Design and Construction
1992Professor Mike Brady
Robotics and Image Processing
1993Clark Brundin (Templeton College)
An Engineering View of the Development of Management Studies
1994Professor Terry Jones
Aerodynamics at Oxford
1995David Culverwell (Consulting Engineer)
Immersed Tube Tunnels
1996Professor Ted Paige
Echo-Location by Bats and Radar: Evolution and Intention for Survival
1997Peter Lindsell
Forensic Engineering - Feedback for Design
1998Professor John O'Connor
Orthopaedic Engineering
1999Mr David Witt
Educating Engineers - are we getting any better at it?
2000Roger Sainsbury (past president of the Institution of Civil Engineers)
The Interface between Civil Engineering and Business
2001Professor Carlos Ruiz
The Engineering Don
2002Martyn Hurst
Engineering, Management and Aircraft
2003Paul Martins
Oil Production: from Nitroglycerine to Fibre-optics
2004Dr David Kenning
2005John Coates
Some Engineering Concepts applied to Ancient Greek Trireme Warships
2006Rod Smith
Railways: The Technical Challenges of their Renaissance
2007Sir Vivian Ramsey
Law and Engineering: resolution of technology disputes
2008Professor David Clarke
Control and the Coriolis Mass-flow meter
2009Simon Watts (Thales)
Airborne Surveillance Radar
2010Professor Peter Raynes
Liquid crystal displays - some surprising contributions from the UK
2011Andrew Garrad (Garrad Hassan)
Wind energy and its part in electricity generation in the future
2012Frank Chapman (Airbus)
Flight-testing the A380 - from first flight to certification
2013Dr Andy Brown (Met Office)
Weather and climate prediction: science and application across timescales
2014Professor Paul Newman
The Oxford RobotCar