Society of Oxford University Engineers

The alumni society for Oxford engineering graduates

Engineering Science Buildings from the University Parks

About the SOUE

The Society of Oxford University Engineers was formed in 1988 to enable past members of the Department of Engineering Science to keep in touch both with engineering at Oxford, and with one another. Following a change to the Society's constitution in 2013, all graduates of the Department (including those with postgraduate degrees) and current or past academic and research staff are automatically members of the Society; students at the Department are automatically associate members, becoming life members on graduation.

The Society has one main meeting per year, generally on a Saturday in September, which combines the Annual General Meeting with the Jenkin Lecture, usually given by a member of the Society, and a meal (typically lunch after the morning activities). Since 2007 this meeting has coincided with the University's Alumni Weekend.

Members are also invited to the Open Day which the Department holds every May or June on the occasion of the Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture, the Department's annual public lecture.

For those members who wish to keep abreast of the state of the art in Oxford engineering, or follow the progress of other Oxford engineers, the AGM is usually accompanied by seminars given by members of the Department or members of the Society; there are further opportunities for members to find out what's going on these days at the Open Day.

Graduates of Oxford courses including engineering that are not run by the Department (e.g. the MSc in Software Engineering), and students on those courses, may join the Society upon application.