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Migration of SOUE database to University's Development and Alumni Relations System (DARS)

The committee proposes to transfer the data we hold on SOUE members to the University's new database system, DARS (Development and Alumni Relations System), from the end of May 2014. This system will hold the details of alumni, students, staff and friends previously held in separate alumni and development databases of the University and the participating colleges. It will be a single, comprehensive database allowing, on a regulated basis, all parts of the University to access all the data held in it. This will enable the details of alumni, students, staff and friends to be kept more up to date than previously, and will help improve our communications with you.

Be assured that your data will continue to be held securely, and that the data will be accessible only within the University. For full details on the way in which your data will be held and used, please see the Data Protection Statement (PDF) (also available in web form at We hope that you will be happy for us to move the data held about you into DARS. Unless we hear back from you by the end of May, we will assume that you are content for the data we already hold on you to be transferred to the DARS system. However, if at any time you have any queries about the use of your personal data in DARS or wish to change the fact of, or extent of, use of your personal data, please contact Eva Williams, the Department of Engineering Science External Relations Officer, quoting your Alumni Card number.

For further information, including Eva's contact details, see the mailing sent to SOUE members in April 2014.



A LinkedIn professional networking group has been set up exclusively for SOUE members, which facilitates contact between members of the Society who wish to tap in to the wide range of skills and experience available within our membership. Members are encouraged to join the group, which promises to be a very useful resource.

Do We Have Your E-Mail Address?

The recent changes to the Society's constitution (see above) mean that paper mailings will no longer be sent, so it is essential that the Society has working e-mail addresses for all members who wish to hear from us. If you did not receive e-mail inviting you to the 2013 Jenkin Meeting, and have not been in contact with us since, we do not have a working address for you: please fill in the mailing preferences form or send e-mail to letting us know how you would like to be contacted.

You may wish to add to your e-mail whitelist or address book, to ensure that you receive our mailings; we have had problems with some over-zealous spam filters discarding SOUE messages.

General Information

If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you experience any problems with the web site, we would very much like to hear from you. Send your feedback to