SOUE News Issue 4

Lubbock Day Project Exhibition 2005

The exhibition took a new turn this year, because Sharp Laboratories of Europe (based in Oxford Science Park) gave us an extra £1000 for prize money, of which £500 was to swell the general prize fund, and £500 was to be a prize for the best electronic exhibit. This offer came out of the blue when we invited Sunay Shah, a Keble engineer now working for Sharp, to be one of the judges, and it was most welcome. Probably as a result, we got more entries than ever before, and only just managed to fit them all into Lecture Room 3. Prizes were awarded as follows:

Hardware Section: Manish Pindoria and Nick Woolley, both of Pembroke, for their joint exhibit "Seeing with Sound", £200 between them.

Poster Section: Andrew Moxon, Keble, "High-frequency flow behaviour in a choked nozzle", and Moira Smith, Jesus, "Improving cancer treatment with ultrasound", £150 each.

Sharp £500 prize for the best electronic exhibit: Mike Coulson, Keble, "Hydro-acoustic positioning system".

Other prizes went to:

Ross Turnbull, Lincoln, "Inertial Navigation System"

Nicholas Cole, Lincoln, "Deployable Cylinders"

Mohamad Jamaluddin, Worcester, "Low-cost stereoscopic display system"

Simon Chadwick, Lincoln, "Robot controller"

Ga Lok Chung, Pembroke, "Analysis of bird behaviour from video sequences"

Murray Forsyth, Pembroke, "Environmental monitor buoy"

Annabel Jenkins, Somerville, "Wound closures"

Ben Whitaker, Worcester, "Lightweight robot arm"

Our thanks to the judges, who were:

David Currie, St John's 1994-8, now with IBM, Winchester

Richard Hartshorn, Somerville 1995-9, now with Goodwin Hartshorn, London

Elizabeth Padmos, St Anne's 1990-4, now with BP, Aberdeen

Sunay Shah, Keble 1994-8, now with Sharp, Oxford

and of course to Sharp Laboratories of Europe for their generous contribution to the prizes.

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